Marlin Global have an excellent track record for property management, with property services ranging from cleaning & laundry to large reformations and property improvements.

Property checks can ensure issues are identified quickly and solved at the early stages, before escalating into large problems. Marlin Global has a team of local professional tradesmen and works closely with other specialists including insurance companies.

Marlin Global have been servicing holiday rental properties on the Costa del Sol for many years and has a number of clients, who return year after year for a hassle free, well organised holiday.

Are you interested in maximising the financial return on your property investment?

Marlin Global can assist you with advertising, meeting & greeting clients and managing bookings.

The office is manned through the week and closely monitored during the weekends with an emergency call out service, available to all guests.

Marlin Global offers four basic management schemes but can tailor the packages to suit your requirements, introducing cost effective initiatives for services and other annual charges.

For more details about our full range of services and management schemes, contact us directly by calling (+34) 952 585 678 or you can send us an e-mail via ourĀ contact page.

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